So much to experience in Tokyo!

Posted on 17 May 2018 (0)

You need not do the same tour itinerary that everyone does when they are visiting Tokyo. One of the most populated and bustling cosmopolitan urban landscapes of the world, this capital city of Japan could make you feel overwhelmed with modern ways of life, travel and lifestyle when you are here for the first time. However, take a step back and look at it in a different way and you will find the lifeline that flows below all that hustle and bustle.

It might be quirky and chaotic, but that is not the only aspects of Tokyo to experience. However to start your travel experience in Japan, this can be your place to land and then head out to lesser known destinations across the country. There are several distinct pockets of the city to explore and hence, it is best to spend a few days here. Popular districts of Shinjuku and Shibuya offer unique hustle and bustle that help you savor the city life; at the same time there are several expansive public parks that offer serenity and peace.

Among the prominent landmark places to visit is Mieji Shrine, which is a tourist hot spot as well as an important religious landmark as is the Senso-ji temple. This ancient temple of Buddhism is at Asakusa region of Tokyo and is known to be the oldest temple in the city. It stands as a symbol of the Tendai sect of the religion. Visit the Ueno Park which is known for the cherry blossoms that come up in spring which is one of the natural landscapes in the city that is beautifully maintained to preserve serenity.

For a taste of urban shopping, head over to Harajuku that is known for young fashion as well as Omotesando which offer fashion apparel for grownups.

Urban landmark places to see here include Tokyo tower that offers impressive views during sunset. If you are traveling with family a day trip to the Disney Sea or Tokyo Disneyland is a must. You will also enjoy the mountain landscapes around Mt Fuji which is a day trip as well.

Entebbe On The Shores Of Lake Victoria

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One of the key cities to visit in Uganda is Entebbe. It is a gateway to all that it offers, whether it is the impenetrable forest of Bwindi, the Rwenzori Mountains or the mountain gorillas. It is a picturesque city that is modern and newly built, though it is not the capital. It is home to an international airport that would make your visit to this colonial city a convenient one. It lies on the banks of Lake Victoria which is the largest lake of Africa, making it a luxury holiday destination for many across the country as well as from other places.

If you are planning a Ugandan vacation you need to include Entebbe in that list. It is close to Kampala, which is popular with tourists and can be a stopover from here.

Once you are here and have settled into a hotel of your choice, plan a visit to the Mabamba Swamps. This can be done in a wooden canoe which is how tourists are taken around this place and to get a chance to spot the animal native to this region, Shoebill. For nature lovers and families the Wildlife Education Center is also a place I would recommend. It is a great place to see several interesting animals. You can also relax in the Entebbe Botanical Gardens. Here you will enjoy the landscape, plants and flowers as well as birdlife to be found here in abundance.

The Lake Victoria takes center stage when it comes enjoying the scenic beauty, choosing a location to stay as well as enjoying outdoor and recreational activities. Visitors would enjoy fishing on this Lake as well as cruising to Ngamba Islands that is close by where rehabilitated and orphaned chimpanzees can be found.

For places that are slightly outside the city you can visit the Rwenzori Mountains. This is the 3rd highest mountain range on the continent. The other notable place to visit is the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Here there are mountain gorillas that are endangered species.

 Be prepared for an outdoor vacation when you are at Entebbe, which several wildlife centric places to visit and activities to take part in. Plan your trip at the right time of the year and you are sure to have a memorable time when you visit.

Strange food from all the world that you might not want to try

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Each country has its own cuisine. Food that you will not really find in any other country. And, when you are visiting this country, you might be wondering if the food is safe to eat. Or, the names are so foreign that you don’t know what you are ordering. But, this is what makes traveling and exploring so exciting. These are some of the strange foods from all parts of the world that you might not want to try when traveling.

Tuna eyeballs

Do you like that your food is watching you while you eat? Then you should give Tuna eyeballs a try. This is a tasty meal in Japan that you can purchase in any supermarket or that you can order in a restaurant. Even, if the locals are saying that this is a tasty snack, not everyone is in the mood for food that is watching you while you are eating it.

Black pudding

Don’t confuse the name. This isn’t a pudding. This is actually just animal blood that is rolled in bread crumbs and eaten with other food like rice and vegetables. This is a dish that you can find in more than one country, so be careful if you are ordering black pudding and think that you are going to get a chocolate pudding. Especially, if you aren’t in the mood for eating animal blood. Not something that most people would want to try.


These are one of those foreign meals that you can pronounce. And, if you can’t pronounce it, you will not know what you are going to be served. This is a dish from Iceland. A dish that most tourists don’t like and saying that this is the worst thing they have ever eaten. But, what are you actually eating?

Hákarl is the rotting carcass of a Greenland or basking shark. The shark is buried underground to make sure that the shark is safe to eat. After a while, the carcass is hanged to dry and then cut into strips. Not really a great tasting meal. Especially if you don’t like eating rotten fish.

Jing Leed

Another foreign name. A dish from Thailand that might not sound strange. Until they are serving it. Then, you will see that this isn’t a normal dish or treat. This is actually just grasshoppers that were fried. There are different ways that people are preparing the grasshoppers. This might be something that some people might want to try, but most people will not be in a good mood when they are served grasshoppers on a plate.

Fried spider

Huge, ugly spiders that are getting spiced and fried. There is no surprise in this meal because you are going to see what you are buying. This is a treat that you can purchase on the street. If you are in the mood for the fried spider, you should visit Cambodia and ask where you can find tasty, fried spider.

Strange food. Different cultures and countries are serving food that is normal to them, but strange to you. And, to make it worse, sometimes you don’t even know what you are eating. This is just a couple of the strange food that you can find in the world. There are a hundred others to try.