Lake And Mountain Side Experiences In South Lake Tahoe California

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Among the lakeside towns in the US, South Lake Tahoe should be on your list definitely. It is located in California and this side of the lake gets many people who love to have a good time. There is much to enjoy here such as parties fueled by booze and fun on the waters. Of course, if you are looking for a more pristine holiday experience you can get away from the crowd and book yourself a cruise of the Emerald Bay. The turquoise waters will help you unwind and so would the tree covered bay areas.

Tahoe is known to offer you laid back days in the sun as well as vibrant nightlife if you want it. Golf clubs here help you enjoy a stay in style as well as help you practice your game during the summer evenings; if you are here in the winter you can put up at Squaw Valley or Northstar. These places are also known to offer courses. The ski trails become trails for mountain biking in the summer months. You could also explore the thrill of ziplining.  An old college buddy, Brandon Johnson, who owns a roofing company in Charlotte is a pure adrenaline junkie.  He loves ziplining and says this is one of the best spots in the US to visit.

Heavenly Mountain Resort is a great place to visit, whether in summer or winter. It is known as a ski resort which has skiing and snowboarding facilities, but the resort also offers the respite of the lake and mountains during the summer months.

Visit Van Sickle Bi state park that is known for hiking as well as horse riding. You will be crossing the border between two states, Nevada and California here. There are several equestrian and hiking trails to discover here as well as historic buildings to explore.

Beaches, lakes, mountains – what more could you ask for? The El Dorado beach is a wonderful destination here where the beach side of the lake offers different summer activities.

Stop by Montbleu which is an upscale hotel here. With dining, spa and pool activities, the rooms and suites are known for their mountain or lake views as well as live music entertainment that is provided in the evenings.

Lake Tahoe historical society is a must visit here, which is a storehouse of local historic exhibits and has a bookstore. It also features a toll house of the 19th century that is a must see.

Lisbon, Portugal: Must See Attractions For Everyone

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Lisbon has several things to offer you. It provides best sights for eyes that give comfort and serenity to the eyes. Some of the iconic places to visit are as follows:

Castelo De São Jorge: The landmark visible from any part of the city

The castle has the quality that it can be accessed from any part of the city. The oldest portions of the castle’s structure take it back to the Roman times when the Moors and Visigoths stay in the palace.

Miradouro De Sao Pedro De AlcantaraBeautiful vintage point of the city

This spot is located in Bairro Alto nearby Jardim António Nobre and also known as beautiful point. If you like to take a walk or a ride on a bike than it would be the splendid experience for you.

Museu São Roque and Sacred Art Museum: Watch the stunning church of the city

This place lets you seek the view of the church and museum at a time. If you see from outside, you might not find it attractive but from inside it forms the most attractive and stunning view. This church was designed by Filippo Terzi, who has designed many known places of Portugal successfully.

Jerónimos Monastery: The best example of Gothic architecture

It is the monastery, which was built because of military order by Saint Jerome. The construction of the monastery took by orders from King Manuel I which is nearby the site of church Santa Maria de Belém which was built in the fifth century.

Padrão Dos Descobrimentos: The monument facing the river

If you cannot see this monument on river’s edge, then we would like to inform you that it is dedicated long back to 15 century and 16 century when it was the age of Discovery. During this point the ships start sailing off to the places such as India and many more.   Make sure to put Lisbon on your bucket list and experience a place rich in history and culture.

Explore The Desert Charm Of Joshua Tree

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Joshua Tree in California, located in San Bernardino County has a mere population of 7414. If you are looking for a place to visit that takes you far away from the usual tourist destinations and gives you a glimpse of the desert region of California, you will find it in Joshua Tree. It is located in the high desert region of California and it lies on the California State Route 62.

Why should you visit Joshua Tree? It is a bohemian town, a desert oasis which borders of a national park. This town has the charms of a desert whose landscape is chiseled by the wind, the night skies being painted by the hues of the Milky Way and jaunty by the energy of the desert. The hip vibes of the town, bohemian and creative flair is what makes the town unique.

If you are traveling cheap, this town will feel comfortable in your budget. There are cool and affordable Airbnbs as well as boutique hotels, created from age old properties that will give you a taste of what life has been in this area.

Many who visit this town to find it absorbing, even worth settling down to explore its vibes and community life for some time. There are small cafes spread across the town as well as a farmers market where one can get fresh produce as well as homemade or farm fresh fruits, juices and other food items to indulge in.

Hot afternoons about this town will see you seeking out the coolness of the thrift shops here. There are many unique places here such as an art and performance space known for weekly events, a bar with an Old West theme. The town might be small but many musicians hail from Joshua Tree such as Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, and Queens of the Stone Age.

The Joshua Tree National Park is in the backyard of the town and if you wish to explore the more exciting urban life, LA is simply two hours’ drive away. There are several local parks and museums as well that will help you spend your time in this town.

Street Food To Casino Resorts In Reno Nevada

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Reno Nevada is known to be one of the cheapest cities to spend a weekend in America. If you come here on Friday, you will be right in time for Reno Street Food. With several food trucks that gather here, along with live music and train rides for kids, it is a summer evening well spent. Other evenings you will find the Reno Lantern Fest. Also held in May, this event has live music as well as food served by local vendors at different stalls. By sending lanterns up into the night sky, visitors enjoy the view of the lit up sky and the joy it brings.

Reno is close to North Lake Tahoe so you can easily take a drive to this water body. You will surely enjoy the different recreational activities that you can do here. These comprise of boat tours, hiking, swimming and paddle boating. The clear waters of Lake Tahoe make it an enjoyable experience.

There are several places to visit that you as a tourist will enjoy. The National Automobile Museum is on the must see list here. At the museum you will find about 220 cars of classic models on display. There are historical and educational exhibits of vintage and antique cars.

The Grand Sierra Resort here has a casino with a theme park. You will enjoy the eclectic dining experience, spas and colorful quarters at the resort.

The number of casino resorts and entertainment parks are in no small numbers here. You will find the Circus Reno here, which has a gaming hotel designed with a circus theme, showing circus shows for free.

Other resort casinos here are Silver Legacy Resort and Casino, Eldorado Resort Casino, each having plush rooms, spa, shops, and several restaurants as well as gaming and casino options.

You could also stop by Idle Wild Park, which has a rose garden and recreations by the river. Your children will love the skate park, swimming pool, ball fields and playgrounds.

With myriads of things to do and ways to unwind and relax, whether you want outdoor recreation or the allure of casino resorts, all this and more await you at Reno Nevada.

So much to experience in Tokyo!

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You need not do the same tour itinerary that everyone does when they are visiting Tokyo. One of the most populated and bustling cosmopolitan urban landscapes of the world, this capital city of Japan could make you feel overwhelmed with modern ways of life, travel and lifestyle when you are here for the first time. However, take a step back and look at it in a different way and you will find the lifeline that flows below all that hustle and bustle.

It might be quirky and chaotic, but that is not the only aspects of Tokyo to experience. However to start your travel experience in Japan, this can be your place to land and then head out to lesser known destinations across the country. There are several distinct pockets of the city to explore and hence, it is best to spend a few days here. Popular districts of Shinjuku and Shibuya offer unique hustle and bustle that help you savor the city life; at the same time there are several expansive public parks that offer serenity and peace.

Among the prominent landmark places to visit is Mieji Shrine, which is a tourist hot spot as well as an important religious landmark as is the Senso-ji temple. This ancient temple of Buddhism is at Asakusa region of Tokyo and is known to be the oldest temple in the city. It stands as a symbol of the Tendai sect of the religion. Visit the Ueno Park which is known for the cherry blossoms that come up in spring which is one of the natural landscapes in the city that is beautifully maintained to preserve serenity.

For a taste of urban shopping, head over to Harajuku that is known for young fashion as well as Omotesando which offer fashion apparel for grownups.

Urban landmark places to see here include Tokyo tower that offers impressive views during sunset. If you are traveling with family a day trip to the Disney Sea or Tokyo Disneyland is a must. You will also enjoy the mountain landscapes around Mt Fuji which is a day trip as well.