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Explore The Desert Charm Of Joshua Tree

Posted on 29 June 2018 by admin (0)

Joshua Tree in California, located in San Bernardino County has a mere population of 7414. If you are looking for a place to visit that takes you far away from the usual tourist destinations and gives you a glimpse of the desert region of California, you will find it in Joshua Tree. It is located in the high desert region of California and it lies on the California State Route 62.

Why should you visit Joshua Tree? It is a bohemian town, a desert oasis which borders of a national park. This town has the charms of a desert whose landscape is chiseled by the wind, the night skies being painted by the hues of the Milky Way and jaunty by the energy of the desert. The hip vibes of the town, bohemian and creative flair is what makes the town unique.

If you are traveling cheap, this town will feel comfortable in your budget. There are cool and affordable Airbnbs as well as boutique hotels, created from age old properties that will give you a taste of what life has been in this area.

Many who visit this town to find it absorbing, even worth settling down to explore its vibes and community life for some time. There are small cafes spread across the town as well as a farmers market where one can get fresh produce as well as homemade or farm fresh fruits, juices and other food items to indulge in.

Hot afternoons about this town will see you seeking out the coolness of the thrift shops here. There are many unique places here such as an art and performance space known for weekly events, a bar with an Old West theme. The town might be small but many musicians hail from Joshua Tree such as Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, and Queens of the Stone Age.

The Joshua Tree National Park is in the backyard of the town and if you wish to explore the more exciting urban life, LA is simply two hours’ drive away. There are several local parks and museums as well that will help you spend your time in this town.