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So much to experience in Tokyo!

Posted on 17 May 2018 by admin (0)

You need not do the same tour itinerary that everyone does when they are visiting Tokyo. One of the most populated and bustling cosmopolitan urban landscapes of the world, this capital city of Japan could make you feel overwhelmed with modern ways of life, travel and lifestyle when you are here for the first time. However, take a step back and look at it in a different way and you will find the lifeline that flows below all that hustle and bustle.

It might be quirky and chaotic, but that is not the only aspects of Tokyo to experience. However to start your travel experience in Japan, this can be your place to land and then head out to lesser known destinations across the country. There are several distinct pockets of the city to explore and hence, it is best to spend a few days here. Popular districts of Shinjuku and Shibuya offer unique hustle and bustle that help you savor the city life; at the same time there are several expansive public parks that offer serenity and peace.

Among the prominent landmark places to visit is Mieji Shrine, which is a tourist hot spot as well as an important religious landmark as is the Senso-ji temple. This ancient temple of Buddhism is at Asakusa region of Tokyo and is known to be the oldest temple in the city. It stands as a symbol of the Tendai sect of the religion. Visit the Ueno Park which is known for the cherry blossoms that come up in spring which is one of the natural landscapes in the city that is beautifully maintained to preserve serenity.

For a taste of urban shopping, head over to Harajuku that is known for young fashion as well as Omotesando which offer fashion apparel for grownups.

Urban landmark places to see here include Tokyo tower that offers impressive views during sunset. If you are traveling with family a day trip to the Disney Sea or Tokyo Disneyland is a must. You will also enjoy the mountain landscapes around Mt Fuji which is a day trip as well.